About CNC

What is Communities Not Cuts Manitoba all about?

WHO ARE WE? Communities Not Cuts (CNC) is a coalition of diverse individuals and groups in Manitoba. We are passionate about public services and concerned about the impact that provincial government cuts and policies are having in our communities.  

WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN? We believe that the provincial government can and should fund strong public services and implement laws and policies that promote social, environmental, economic, and Indigenous justice. This benefits all Manitobans. Cuts and privatization of services, programs, and funding in areas like health care, education, and public services fail the communities we live in, make life harder than necessary for many, and hurt us all.

WHAT’S THE GOAL? CNC aims to bring together people from all walks of life in order to build a better Manitoba. Using our collective power, we will fight against government actions, including cuts to public services that only benefit some Manitobans while leaving others behind. We also intend to popularize our vision for a society built on healthy, safe, equitable, loving and sustainable communities.

WHAT’S THE PLAN? CNC will achieve our goal by: a) increasing awareness about the impacts of harmful cuts and other government actions; b) building collective power by growing a base of informed citizens ready to take action; c) collaborating with other groups who share our vision and are organizing efforts to fight back; and d) leading public campaigns in response to emerging issues and opportunities to stop cuts and advance our vision.  We’ll be listening to our supporters and adapting our approach along the way.