Elected Officials must act to end the Occupation of Downtown Winnipeg


The Freedom Convoy has been protesting in downtown Winnipeg since Friday, February 4th. This demonstration has brought undue consequences for people who live in the areas. We, Winnipeg residents, are asking that our concerns be addressed. Honking from the convoy has resulted in downtown residents reporting increased anxiety, no sleep, and frustration to their local representatives. Convoy-related incidents in the downtown have also increased, including public and targeted harassment like homophobia, racism and sexism. 

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Please read the petition and sign your support below:

We call on The Mayor of Winnipeg, Brian Bowman, and the Premier of Manitoba, Heather Stefanson to immediately act to end the assault on the Broadway - Downtown Neighbourhood by the so-called “Freedom” Convoy. 

Our elected and appointed officials have an obligation to keep all Manitobans safe. Given, this, we the undersigned call for: 

  • Immediate action to address street harassment and violence towards residents
  • An injunction against any further horn blaring by protesters
  • An immediate end to idling trucks and other vehicles


We support the right to protest, provided protests do not endanger residents of our community. As Manitobans, we expect that our elected and appointed officials will apply laws and regulations equally to all groups who exercise their right to demonstrate.  We also expect that swift action will be taken when protests carry with them threats of racism, homophobia, sexism, physical or mental harm, and violence of any kind.

GOAL: 2,500 signatures

Will you sign?