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The Good Food Bag Program is a food security initiative that aims to provide lower income community members with better access to fresh and affordable produce on a weekly basis. Through volunteer/ work trade opportunities, this project also promotes community engagement and basic skills development. The project is run entirely on a volunteer basis and actively works to increase access to healthy and affordable food for 35+ registered residents of the West End. Working in collaboration with the Sunshine House Gizhiwenimin program, the Good Food Bag also assists with feeding 65+ families in need across the city. 

The COVID19 pandemic has increased the necessity for food security programming like this and we plan on continuing to run this program for as long as we can support these families in need.  However, due to our current economic climate we are now needing to rely on community support to make this possible. Peg City Car Coop has generously offered one of their vans as a donation to facilitate produce transport moving forward. Huge thank you to them for their love and support.

If you are in a financially stable place and are looking for a way to support communities in need during this time of crisis, please consider donating to the good food bag program.

Big thanks, sending lots of love to all of you.


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GOAL: $2,000.00



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