Art Build & Teach In for May Day

Come together (online) to make art for the May Day action to fight Pallister’s cuts to communities! 

We'll create together while we get creative about how to resist the cuts. We'll also hear briefly from a few organizers about the provinces response to COVID19 so far, and the upcoming Honk-a-thon and Sign Blitz call-to-action.
The Pallister government is using COVID-19 as an opportunity to advance their agenda of austerity - cutting funding to critical services in our communities. It is an urgent time to push back against these cuts, and demand investment in people and programs that benefit the many, not the few.
May 1st is an important day for worker’s rights. This May Day we will act in solidarity with workers on the frontlines of the pandemic, and all those who stand to be affected by these cuts. The action event page is, here.
If you need art supplies, message us or comment in the event and we will do our best to facilitate sharing!
You can join the art build via Zoom.

Here's how you can further participate in May Day:

STEP 1: Make a Sign (during this art build event!)

  • Tell Brian Pallister why we need investment in communities, not cuts!

    • Brian needs to hear from: Teachers, parents, ECEs, kids, non-profit organizations, essential workers on the front lines, workers who have lost income because of the pandemic and more!

  • We will have stakes to put your sign in the ground, but ideally make something sturdy with stakes built in

  • Want to join others in getting creative? Join the online art build Wednesday April 28th from 5:30-7:00!


Step 2: Email ([email protected]) to arrange drop off or pick-up of your sign 

    • Multiple locations are available for drop-off around the city or volunteers can come pick-up your sign on Thursday night

    • Email ([email protected]) to arrange sign pick-up or drop off 

    • OR/AND take a picture of your sign at home with you and your family and share it on social media! Use the hashtags #badMoveBrian and #communitiesNotCuts


Step 3: Join the Rally at Noon to make some noise (and take some photos)

  • Arrive by car or bike at 12:00pm at The Leg on Friday, May 1. 



  • If you’re driving: BE AN ALERT DRIVER & keep everybody safe - take it slow, honk your horn, and watch out for folks on bikes. 
  • If you’re on a bike, wear a mask, ring your bell, and stay at **minimum** 2m apart.
  • Watch out for cars and cyclists and pedestrians.


STEP 4: Share your Story

  • Take a photo of your sign with your family and put it on social media

    • Share how the pandemic has affected you, your family and your community

    • Share how Pallister's cuts will affect you, your family and your community

    • Share using the Hashtags #communitiesnotcuts #BadMovesBrian #BadNewsBrian

    • Share by sending us your story:

      • Facebook:

      • Twitter:



STEP 5: Sign up to be part of CNC and help build stronger communities

  • If you want to help continue the fight against Pallister's damaging cuts, join our community by signing up for our mailing list and/or to become a volunteer!
April 29, 2020 at 5:30pm - 7pm
Your home! via Zoom
Communities Not Cuts ·

Will you come?