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Suppress The Virus

The Manitoba PC government’s pandemic policy has failed. We need a public health policy that works! Let’s learn from what’s worked in other countries, and implement a socially just pandemic response in Manitoba! 

Here's what you can do:

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Stay tuned for more information including how to get your own Supress the Virus MB Lawn sign.

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Support Manitoba Teachers

Manitoba’s teachers are facing unprecedented pressures and workload in the classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers are expected to balance distance learning and in-class teaching, resulting in high work hours and burnout.  


Over the course of the pandemic, the provincial government has repeatedly ignored the requests of leaders, educators and support staff. Educators have become the de facto enforcers of public health guidelines, and in an effort to prevent further spread in schools, they are completing contact tracing due to overloads on the public health system.

If the provincial government was a student, it would be marked absent. Manitoba’s school divisions were individually required to come up with safe re-opening policies, resulting in inconsistencies across the education system. The provincial government even provided many schools with expired or defective PPE, which meant teachers had to purchase PPE for both themselves and their classrooms.

In August, the federal government allocated $85.4 million that hasn’t been passed on to Manitoba schools. The provincial government is unable to say how the money has been spent, and an access to information request submitted by the provincial Liberal Party said there were no relevant records pertaining to these funds. 

Delays in COVID-19 testing are keeping teachers out of school. Some schools have been directed not to ask for substitute teachers as divisions report they have none available. Delays in contact tracing place an enormous number of students, teachers, and their families at risk.

As a second wave sweeps the province of Manitoba, the provincial government has neglected to respond to educators’ requests for funding and policy to be directed towards the health of students and teachers. The education system has passed its breaking point. 

In an effort to withhold spending to balance the budget, the provincial government is risking the collapse of many social and public services, including the education system.

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Increase Healthcare Funding Now

Healthcare workers across the province are speaking out against the cuts to healthcare and the government is not listening. Instead the government is spending money on enforcement and not frontline workers, which experts say is the wrong route. Speak up now to show your support for Manitoba healthcare workers and a stronger healthcare system especially in a time of a crisis.

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Stand Up Against the Privatization of Manitoba's Provincial Parks

Support our friends at the Wilderness Committee who are fighting to protect our parks from Brian Pallister's push towards privatization.

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