River Trail Heart Memorial

Join Communities Not Cuts in creating a Memorial to Manitobans who have died of COVID 19. As we all know, the number keeps growing. As of today we have lost 846 friends, family members, loved ones.

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Together as a community, we are creating an art installation on the river behind the Legislative Building.  We will be planting hearts in the snow, one for each Manitoban lost to Covid-19.

We will start creating the installation this coming Saturday February 13 between 1:00 - 3:00. If you would like to plant your heart(s) please join me on the river. If you are unable to get there please drop off your heart(s) on my porch or if you send me a message I will arrange pick up. 

The plan is to grow the memorial over the next few weeks. Plant when you can. 

To participate:

  • Make your heart(s) bigger than an open hand. Choose a material that will withstand the weather, anything as long as its somewhat snow and wind resistant. 
  • Please securely attach the heart(s) to a 30 cm or longer stick/pole(s) so we can plant them in the snow.
  • Your welcome to make as many as you can, feel free to add text, decorations or keep them simple.
February 13, 2021 at 1:00pm - 1pm
The River Trail Behind the Legislative Building
Winnipeg, MB
Google map and directions

Will you come?