Support Essential Services

CNC is about building power to influence government decision-making and sustain vibrant and thriving community spaces and services. As the government continues to make cuts to those programs and services that make our communities safe and liveable, sometimes we need to fill in the gaps ourselves. We believe in uniting as a community behind essential services and initiatives like the ones listed below. Please lend them whatever support you can, whether that's through a financial donation, your signature on a petition, your social media share, or your time and energy as a volunteer. 

Please email [email protected] if you have a campaign you'd like us to amplify or an initiative that needs support.

Here are the initiatives we standing with: 

Good Food Bag:
The Good Food Bag Program is a food security initiative that aims to provide lower income community members with better access to fresh and affordable produce on a weekly basis. If you are in a financially stable place and are looking for a way to support communities in need during this time of crisis, please consider donating to the Good Food Bag Program.

Childcare is Essential:
A group of Manitoban parents, childcare providers and allies working towards a fully accessible, publicly-funded, non-profit system of comprehensive and high quality childcare with worthy wages and good working conditions for childcare staff. Sign the petition.