Community Sign Project

Help us send Brian Pallister a message!

During these physically-distant pandemic times, we have to get creative with our activism.  The PC government thinks Manitobans aren't paying attention as they recklessly cut budget lines in the name of "balancing the budget". But we are watching.

The CNC community sign campaign is our way of letting the government know that we're paying attention and that they are accountable to our communities.  Using our artistic ability and creativity, we can send a strong message to Brian Pallister calling for investments in essential services and a real plan for the future of our province. 

We'll be putting our signs up at the Leg during our next Honkathon (May 13, 12pm) You can attach your sign to your bike your car and participate in the action. If you can't make it you can display your sign at home, or one of our volunteers can come pick it up.

Here's some things to keep in mind when making your signs

Make’em BIG, make’em BRIGHT,  make’em BOLD! Please make sure there is a way to stake it in the ground. CNC volunteers can add stakes to your sign if needed. 

Share you sign and share your story!

Some suggestions for your signs....Tell Brian Pallister why we need investment in communities, not cuts! Tell Pallister about your vision for the future! Some sign ideas:

  • Tell the Truth Brian!
  • Public Services….For the Public, By the Public!
  • History Tells Us... Invest in Our Future, Cuts Only Make It Worse
  • Where’s the $ Really Going Brian?
  • Why is MB the ONLY province cutting funding during the pandemic?
  • Open and transparent government
  • Service providers are essential!
  • Deficit spending not balanced budgets
  • Balancing the budgets on the backs of our communities
  • New pandemic, same austerity agenda
  • No CUTS during COVID
  • No cuts on stolen land!
  • We take care of each other! 
  • Families take care of each other!
  • #JustFutureMB
  • Compassionate and Just Recovery
  • A healthy, safe, equitable, loving, just, and sustainable future!
  • &&more suggestions for future vision signs?
  • A future with public child care
  • A future with strong health care for all
  • A future where...


Here are some examples of fun signs from our first Honkathon: