Support Manitoba Teachers

Manitoba’s teachers are facing unprecedented pressures and workload in the classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers are expected to balance distance learning and in-class teaching, resulting in high work hours and burnout.  


We support the demands of the 400+ educators, school leaders, and support staff outlined in their letter addressed to Premier Pallister and Minister Goertzen on November 9, 2020

  • Reduction in class sizes through the hiring of additional educators and support staff 
  • Sustainable workloads for teachers, which includes reasonable classroom/learning arrangements
  • A golden universal standard for a minimum 2 meters distancing for all students
  • Supports for students with additional needs and supports for mental health for students and staff
  • Clear policy for substitute teachers recruitment, retention, and safety
  • Clear, evidence-based, policy from the province concerning performing arts education
  • Digital equity for students and staff who need access to devices and the internet
  • Identify and address ventilation concerns in schools
  • Public messaging, education, and data that is clear, concise, transparent, accessible, and timely
  • Prompt contact tracing and quick COVID-19 testing of staff and students 

Additionally, we further demand:

  • Immediately release details on what has happened with the $85.4 million of federal money earmarked for school COVID-19 preparedness
  • Provide adequate PPE to meet the needs of schools
  • Conduct an urgent review of the province’s PPE procurement methods and institute a quality assurance process to ensure no more defective or expired PPE is supplied to schools, child care centres, health centres or anywhere else
  • Drastically expand the number of contact tracers
  • Prioritize teachers and school staff, along with medical staff, when conducting PCR testing for COVID.
  • Commit to making rapid-testing available to teachers and school staff, along with medical staff and other front-line workerS
  • Give every student the option to conduct their learning remotely
  • Provide sick time coverage to all educators including temporary workers, substitute teachers, and support staff 

We are all in this together!