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Things are not looking good in Manitoba. A healthcare system that is stressed to the point of breaking. A premier that refuses to engage with Manitobans and the Media. A housing, homeless and mental health crisis that's only getting worse. Burned out teachers. Burned out nurses. And a strong showing by the alt-right at the "freedom" convey demonstration this past weekend.

It's scary and the TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW.

Bill 36 is close to passing so our final opportunity to act in NOW.  Send a letter asking for its withdrawal!  It is a new letter so if you have sent one before that is ok and you can send one again!



Volunteers, planners, organizers, graphic designers, social media promoters and general human power to help make government accountability happen. We also need organizations to help with fundraising and making sure there is a HUGE turnout in future actions

Please sign up for our weekly planning meetings. We will be meeting every Monday at 6 p.m.

Last year, 19 “mystery” bills were introduced at the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba on March 3, 2021. No text was released for any of these bills prior to second reading March 3rd 2021 in areas that affect all of us.

It was an unprecedented and highly undemocratic act!

What are you going to do to stand against these types of acts.

Communities Not Cuts is a coalition of diverse individuals and groups in Manitoba. We are passionate about public services and concerned about the impact that provincial government cuts and policies are having in our communities.

While you're here please check out our current campaigns, keep up to date on any upcoming events, join our community and get involved or simply drop us a line with any comments, suggestions or feedback.

We here at CNC don’t like the direction Manitoba is going in. Healthcare cuts, the botched education reform bill, Hydro getting messier not to mention the handling of the pandemic and inaction on climate.

If you’re like us, you probably want to do something about all this. But where do you start?


During times filled with information overload and mixed messages, it's so important to stay informed with what's really happening. CNC is dedicated to bringing you the facts about what's going on in our provincial legislature and the true impacts of government decisions.

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See our campaign calling on the Manitoba Government to immediately #SuppressTheVirusMB 

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