Pledge to Watch the Leg

The PC Provincial Government continues to operate behind closed doors at the Legislature.  They think no no one is watching. 



Our government has dropped the ball on responding to the pandemic and now they're trying to force through their political agenda with undemocratic legislative approaches.  We need public vigilance now, more than ever.

That's why CNC is asking Manitoban's to Pledge to Watch the Leg.  Together, we can keep a watchful eye on government proceedings, call out the government when they cross the line, and notify the media and the public of any shady business.  Remember, "democracy dies in darkness" so let's start shining our lights.

Will you help us?

Sign up below to tell us how you're going to help keep an eye on the PC government.  Share this page with your networks and on social media.

How will you help us keep an eye on the PC government's shady activity at the Legislature?